6 must-have things to do after reaching Liwa Oasis Dubai

As we know, Dubai is known for its luxurious life and lively breathtaking sceneries. Here, Liwa Oasis is one of the exciting destinations where you can find amazing Liwa attractions and other activities ideal for all age’s people. Liwa is a place known for desert landscaping, golden red sand, camel farms, and many other mesmerizing places. Travelers must mark Liwa in their list of visiting a place so that they do not remain unseen from this enchanting place. So, explore Liwa Oasis tour and travel services to plan a trip to Liwa oasis.

Before visiting Liwa, you should know about the city well, such as how is its climate, culture, individuals, rules, and regulations, so that you can wander freely and comfortably here. It helps you in many ways as you can enjoy the city as per your plans without violating any rules. Therefore, it must be your priority to become familiar with the place and collect all your stuff accordingly.

In addition, the very first thing you should do after reaching Liwa finds suitable accommodation as finding accommodation is an unavoidable thing to stay relaxed and cool. You can also pre-

book your desired accommodation place in order to escape this thing. But if you have not done it yet, you can take the help of traveling companies and your instructor as well. So, do this thing first before heading to any destination.

In the further article, we will discuss the things that you should do right after finding suitable accommodation on the land of the Liwa Oasis. Thus take a look at the below list of things to do:

  1. Visit Tel Moreeb dunes: Do you know, Tel Moreeb is one of the best places in Liwa as it is famous for its tallest dunes and it is around 300 meters tall and inclined 50 degrees. It is difficult to scale the exact area, but you can say it largest, anyway. After reaching here, you can climb to the quad and ride dirt bikes to enjoy the area. If you are strong enough to tolerate the hot climate and dirt, you can relish this place well.
  2. Take a look at camel farms: Camels are the backbone of a desert place so how does Liwa lag behind? So, it is a recommended place to visit for travelers. Do you know, this place has its own breed of camel and they are known as Liwa Camel? You can enter and exit for free in the Bedouin-run camel farm and enjoy the complete area with a great experience. Going back without visiting a camel farm can be a big mistake for you. So, add this place to your wandering list in Liwa.
  3. Not to miss “ Fort Dhafeer”: It can be one of the best sightings in Liwa as Fort Dhafeer is the mud-brick architecture known for a real-life sand castle. You can go here and take a look at the heightened view of sand dunes by climbing up the stairs of the castle terrace. Entry is free to this castle, and you can drive any vehicle to look around this destination. So, book your day to stroll this amazing place in order to add it to your memorial list.
  4. Enjoy in the Empty Quarter of Liwa Oasis: Entrance is free in this Empty Quarter known for its best sun-drenched sand banks and palm trees. You can visit this leading date farming region in Liwa and enjoy your day with full fun and excitement. Further, you can also find here underground natural water reserves, date cultivation, palm trees, and shimmering dunes.
  5. Swim at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort: If you are a good swimmer, you must visit Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort as it contains amazing outdoor swimming pools. The specialty of this resort is you can still enjoy the pool if you do not stay here. So, if you are out of budget, you can access the pool and take some dives. For this purpose, you just need some formalities like registering with ID proof and nothing else.
  6. Explore moonlit in the deserts: If you have come to Liva and have not seen the moon yet, you have missed something special in your life. These moments are unforgettable to see the full moon in the deserts. Therefore, plan your day according to your schedule to see full moonlight night so that you can easily look at the moon in the desert to complete the purpose of your holidays.

Wrapping up:

Liwa oasis is well established traveling place where you can enjoy your precious moments. Every destination will provide you desired amount of satisfaction and peace of mind. So, before getting here, list all the places and plan your holidays accordingly so that you can not miss any place to visit.

In order to enjoy the Liwa region completely, you can explore all the places beforehand. This way, you can visit all your preferred places without missing them.





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